Trip Inspections

Ensuring the roadworthiness of vehicles and the validity of driver and operator card licenses is essential to complying with the AARTO Act.

As a complete AARTO infringement management solution, the R2MS Trip Inspection module provides everything needed to manage trip inspections for your vehicles and drivers ensuring total and complete compliance with AARTO.

Some of the key features in the Trip Inspection module are:

  • Automated trip inspection upload with OCR, digital pen and handheld scanner technologies
  • Driver and operator card license bar code scanning, validation and authentication
  • Automatically link driver to vehicle using trip inspection data and handheld scanners
  • Automatic driver lookup from trip inspection data
  • Automatically validate driver and operator card license validity and authenticity
  • Easily attach trip inspections to vehicles and drivers
  • Automatically include trip inspection data to AARTO nomination and representation submissions
  • Instantly add inspection photos to trip inspections and trip inspection data
  • Vehicle maintenance scheduling and management

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