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R2MS Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd. is a licensed reseller of the R2MS software solution. R2MS is a product of Certainty Software, Inc.



Our Team

Our Team

We are an international software company specialising in the design, development and ongoing support of web-based management system solutions.

We have offices in South Africa, the UK, EU and Canada and an international management team of experienced software executives.

  • Enterprise-level track record
  • Fortune 500 client services experience
  • Dedicated to and directed by a constant view on achieving maximum business value.


At R2MS, we partner with a wide range of organisations to deliver and support the R2MS system.

Agencies & Authorities:

Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA)

Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC)


Telematics Partners:

Mix Telematics


Training & Consulting Partners:


Alta Swanepoel & Associates