Key Features

The web-based R2MS solution is:

Intuitive, implements rapidly and dramatically reduces the time and resources required to meet the challenging demands of the AARTO legislation.

The flexibility of R2MS and its unrivalled functionality allow us to deliver measurable benefits for a diverse range of clients and industries, where managing AARTO compliance efficiently is a business critical issue.

R2MS provides real-time and corporate-wide information relating to drivers, vehicles, operator cards, demerits, fines, deadlines and all the tools needed by your fleet managers to ensure compliance and reduce the risk and cost associated with AARTO.

R2MS gives managers and directors throughout your organisation the reports and scorecards required to make informed tactical and strategic decisions, manage risk and reduce liability across your business.

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R2MS Key Features

  • Complete cloud based AARTO compliance management system
  • User-friendly and configurable AARTO management workflows and dashboards
  • Full, complete and transparent management of the entire infringement lifecycle
  • Simple workflows to guide you through every step of the infringement management process
  • Instant, real time and user configurable scorecards, traffic light warnings and dashboards
  • Driver and vehicle management modules to accurately track driver, operator and fleet licenses, permits, demerit points, suspension thresholds and renewal deadlines
  • A centralised risk-based view across regions, depots, divisions or your entire business
  • Automatic cross-referencing with a complete charge code library to ensure the accuracy of infringement penalty and demerit point values
  • Management tools for PRDP’s, trip inspection, driver medicals, vehicle licenses and roadworthy certificates
  • Automated AARTO submission form generation (AARTO Forms 07, 08, 10, 14, 25, 27, 28, 29)
  • eNaTIS integration for automatic and up-to-date driver and vehicle infringements
  • Intelligent, live linked notifications for time-sensitive deadlines and deliverables
  • Configurable business intelligence dashboards for flexible and powerful reporting
  • Configurable and security-driven user profiles
  • eNaTIS integration for automatic and up-to-date driver and vehicle infringements
  • Integration with leading vehicle telemetry systems
  • Browser agnostic and fully accessible through your mobile device
  • Scalable with all the tools needed to efficiently and effectively manage all aspects of AARTO whether you operate a fleet of less than 100 or more than 100,000