R2MS Overview

R2MS is a cloud based solution for managing all aspects of AARTO including:

  • infringements
  • demerits
  • drivers
  • vehicles
  • fleets

With all the tools necessary to ensure that all AARTO deadlines and time-sensitive actions are managed and met, the R2MS is all you will need to ensure full and complete compliance with the AARTO Act.

The R2MS solution provides streamlined and user-friendly infringement workflows to manage both CPA and AARTO infringements which means you don’t have to be an AARTO expert to manage your company’s infringements confidently and correctly 100% of the time.

With dozens of time saving feature that help you significantly reduce the time, resources and cost of managing AARTO across your business, R2MS is the most efficient and cost effective solution to help you minimise fines and penalties; reduce risk and liability while providing full oversight of the entire AARTO process.

As a web-based solution, R2MS provides you and your management team with complete transparency and real time access to traffic light warnings; dashboards and comprehensive reporting for all information about your company’s infringements; driver, vehicle and fleet demerits; fines; and penalties.

R2MS is South Africa’s leading AARTO compliance management system and will ensure you keep your fleet on the road!

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AARTO: The Problem

The implementation of the AARTO regulation poses real and significant challenges to companies in all sectors of the transportation industry in South Africa.

If not managed effectively, the many and onerous requirements of AARTO – including the management of infringements, driver records, demerit points, fines, penalties and the infringement lifecycle itself – will become a significant burden, cost and liability for organisations large and small.

Non-compliance with the AARTO regulations will not only hit your business’s bottom line by adding complexity and cost but mismanagement of your company’s drivers, demerits and the infringement lifecycle can lead to your drivers losing their licenses, your business losing its operator cards and your vehicles being immobilised or impounded!

AARTO: The Solution

A complete solution for managing all aspects of AARTO compliance including: infringements, demerits, drivers and fleets

The tools necessary to ensure that all AARTO deadlines and time-sensitive actions are managed and met

Streamlined and user-friendly workflows to reduce the time and cost of managing AARTO across your business

The tools needed to minimise fines and penalties while providing full oversight of the AARTO process

A solution to reduce the risk and liability associated with all aspects of AARTO

Instant access to the information needed to manage AARTO across your business

Instant, real time and consistent dashboard views of all information relating to infringements, demerits, drivers, vehicles, operator cards and your company as a whole

Reports and scorecards to make informed decisions, manage risk and reduce cost

Everything you need to ensure AARTO compliance and protect your company’s reputation and brand value

A management system solution to keep your fleet on the road!

AARTO: Our Approach

Selecting an AARTO management solution is only the beginning. To enable you to achieve the compliance objectives for your business, we provide a complete suite of services to ensure that you realise the maximum value from your investment in our solution.

We work in partnership with you to review your fleet management practices and processes and configure R2MS to meet your unique and individual requirements. This collaborative approach ensures R2MS is tailored to your needs and that implementation is optimised to maximize business value.

With a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, we are committed to working collaboratively with you as you implement the R2MS solution.

Our goal is to deliver a rapidly configured solution which is intuitive and easy to use; integrates seamlessly with your internal systems; and easily allows scalability for new functionality, additional users and complex organisational structures.


Implementing R2MS

When you commit to the R2MS solution, we commit to guiding you through every stage of your implementation.

With literally decades of experience at implementing enterprise-wide management software solutions, our team has hundreds of successful software implementations under our belt and we are committed to your success.

In our years of implementing software solutions – large and small – one thing we have learned is that in management solution deployment, a one-size-fits-all approach fits no one.

One of the most common reasons that enterprise-wide deployments fail is poor user adoption and R2MS’s easy-to-use interface can be customised to give users just what they need, when they need it, and will improve user adoption rates and overall implementation success throughout your organisation.

With R2MS’s administration capabilities, you can also tailor processes and tools to ensure users see only what’s relevant to them. And with our secure access profiles you can be sure that only authorised users can access sensitive data.


Easy To Use

R2MS has been designed to meet the administration challenges of large companies, but its ease-of-use makes it simple for even the smallest organisations and non-technical users to administer.

R2MS implementation is supported by flexible training options to ensure quick adoption of the solution. Different programs and curricula are designed to meet the needs your users, Super Users, System Administrators, and internal trainers and to prepare your staff to go-live quickly and efficiently and ensure long term project success.

Our training programs are accompanied by comprehensive system documentation, user guides, administration guides, installation guides, and tutorials.

Our Super User and System Administrator training ensures your team will be entirely self-sufficient and capable of administering your system including: configuring reports and dashboards, adding new users, managing access rights, modifying infringement lifecycles and workflows.

AARTO Training (delivered by AS&A) is an optional component in any R2MS implementation. The 1/2 day session covers: interpretation of the Act, regulations, penalties and points demerit system, effect of the legislation on operators, details forms and procedures, effect on insurance contracts and labour issues.


There For You – Always

One-size support does not fit all. Because your support needs are as individual as your business, our services go far beyond traditional notions of technical support.

With R2MS Support, you get the exact level of support you need – whether it’s priority access to support professionals, proactive “system health checks” or just simple advice.

We listen and act…

Our customer/user support group process, manages, and resolves any issues or questions faced by business users or by your IT staff. Software issues and enhancement requests follow a well-defined process for resolution and consideration in future releases.