eNaTIS Integration & Data Upload

At R2MS, we recognise that manual data entry is time consuming, inefficient and often leads to inaccurate data, incomplete data – all of which will compromise the success of your infringement management activities .

As a result, the R2MS solution has been designed to maximise the use of data integration; data upload; and data push and pull technologies. Through intelligent data interfaces and strategic technology partnerships, the R2MS system enables the following data integration and upload features:

  • eNaTIS integration for up-to-date driver and vehicle infringement data
  • Driver look up via integration with partners’ telematics systems
  • Excel upload for bulk driver and vehicle data

eNaTIS Integration for Infringement Updates

The R2MS offers a real time connection with the electronic national administration traffic information eNaTIS system providing you with the latest and most up-to-date information of infringements allocated to your drivers and vehicles.

Automated Driver Lookup and Nomination

In the event your company receives AARTO 02 and/or AARTO 03 infringements – such as speed camera infringements – and you need to nominate a driver to avoid  fines and operator card demerit points, R2MS provides an automatic ‘Driver Lookup’ feature that correlates vehicle license information, infringement time and location data with telematics data from a number of partner telematics providers integrated with the R2MS solution.


Bulk Data Import

Just as users can directly add all and any data into R2MS, to help speed up system implementation and uptake, the R2MS solution also provides for the bulk uploading and ongoing management of vehicle and driver data.

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