Driver Management

The management of driver data such as address, license expiry dates, and driver training and medical requirements are essential to ensuring compliance with the AARTO Act.

As a complete AARTO infringement management solution, the R2MS Driver Management module provides everything needed to manage all driver data and ensure total and complete compliance with AARTO.

Some of the key features in the Driver Management module are:

  • Bulk driver data upload capability
  • Driver personal data management and reporting
  • Driver address confirmation management and confirmation renewal notification
  • Driver demerit point data access consent management
  • Automatically calculate driver demerit point values
  • ‘Company Time’ and ‘Private Time’ demerit point calculation and management
  • AARTO infringement, fine, penalty cost and demerit management and reporting by driver
  • Automated ‘Driver Lookup’ for AARTO 02 & 03 infringements
  • Drivers’ license, PRDP, training and medical requirements management
  • Drivers’ license, PRDP, training and medical renewal and expiry notifications and reminders
  • Drivers’ license bar code scanning, validation and authentication

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