Business Benefits

R2MS Benefits Include:

R2MS is the AARTO compliance management solution of choice for companies across South Africa and is used daily to manage tens of thousands of vehicles, drivers and infringements.

Recent client business case studies have proven that using the R2MS solution delivers:

  • Total average cost savings of more than R 480,000 per year!
  • Annual average cost savings of between R 525.00 – R 1,000.00 per vehicle per year!
  • An average Return on Investment (ROI) of 390% per year!
  • An average investment Payback Period of less than 3 months!

Reduce risk, save time & money and ensure AARTO compliance across your business.

“The business case for using R2MS is fantastic. Not only does the solution provide an easy-to-use tool to keep your infringement management under control, the quantifiable business value in using R2MS is phenomenal.”

“On average, our clients realize net cost savings of at least R 525.00 per vehicle per year and with a payback of less than 3 months!”

– Hewitt Roberts, CEO R2MS Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

  • Manage fleet and driver demerits to reduce and avoid the risk of civil proceedings against you as an operator
  • Avoid the risk of imprisonment for failing to keep accurate and up-to-date records of the drivers authorised to use your vehicles
  • Avoid the serious implications of invalid insurance and third-party liability by ensuring that no active drivers have – or about to – exceeded their demerit threshold and drive your vehicles illegally!
  • Prevent the fines and downtime costs of suspended licenses and operator cards by effectively managing and avoiding demerit thresholds and enforcement deadlines
  • Avoid the cost of ‘operationally incapacitated’ drivers with real-time driver demerit scorecards and traffic light dashboards
  • Reduce the cost of fines and penalties with live notifications and a real-time dashboard overview of penalty discount deadlines
  • Reduce your fleet’s insurance costs by managing AARTO demerits and offenses to avoid suspensions and road safety violations
  • Avoid paying the wrong penalty amount with an automated charge book look up reference
  • Avoid the significant cost of operator card fines (triple the penalty to a driver) by ensuring that all operator card drivers have been nominated properly
  • Reduce cost and suspension risks with real-time visibility on and prioritised management strategies for your most penalized drivers
  • Avoid the cost and risk of demerit threshold surprises by managing the documentation required to request and record ‘private time’ driver demerit point information in addition to demerits received while on the job
  • Improve resource allocation and the effectiveness of training and awareness initiatives with a real-time and interactive map view of your fleet’s offences and infringement ‘hot spots’
  • Speed the process and reduce the incidence of human error with automated AARTO form generation and document management
  • Instantly calculate driver, vehicle and fleet demerit values overtime taking into account all additions and automatic demerit deductions
  • Protect brand value and enhance reputation by avoiding non-compliance, down-time, penalties and litigation